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The Wendel Family

"In October of 2011 we started IUI fertility treatments and through complications were unable to have children. We knew then that God had bigger and better plans for us and that we were being called to adopt! Although there were many emotions along the way, our first adoption journey ended exactly the way we envisioned it. On December 7, 2013, we received a call stating a baby girl born the night before needed an adoptive family. We immediately started making arrangements and booking flights. That night we had our daughter in our arms and have had her ever since. She is truly one of the most amazing gifts we could ever receive and her birth mom was just as amazing. She was worth every heartache and setback that we had along the way! We know that our second baby will be just as special and we will be blessed again. We love the idea that both of our children will be able to share the blessing of adoption and lean on each other for support. Adoption is an amazing gift to not only the adoptive child but their adoptive parents as well. We truly believe that God had a hand in bringing two people together with fertility issues allowing them the wonderful experience of adoption. We want to be able to impart the same beliefs in our children and have them grow up knowing that God will be there and there is a reason why certain things happen. On February 14, 2017, God blessed us with our second sweet baby girl and we can’t be more excited to have her."

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