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The Scott Family

The Scott Family received one of our summer adoption grants to help bring their beautiful little girl home! Their enduring faith through the process inspires us. Here is a little of their story. "Like most people, we never imagined that we would be in the group of 1 in 8 couples that are faced with infertility. The journey was not nearly as important to me as the destination, which is to be parents. When we started on the path to adoption, we didn’t know anyone who had adopted. Adoption is still a taboo subject, and especially in the black community. Now that we have been blessed to bring home our baby, we have had several friends and family members approach us for more information about adoption. We have found that there is still a lot of mystery surrounding adoption in today’s day and age since it looks a lot different than in the past. We have used our journey to educate others and to demonstrate that adoption is a wonderful option for building a family. Our adoption was not without difficulty and issues, however, what God brings you to, He will bring you through. We wouldn’t have our little Michaela if it were not for the generous donations of organizations such as Heritage Hills. As Christians, we have been blown away by not only the financial assistance Christian organizations have provided, but the prayers we have been covered with. Adoption has been an amazing, redeeming, faith-testing experience that we would do a million times again if it meant we got to witness to others about the miracle of adoption and be parents to our wonderful daughter. We hope that by sharing our experience, others will be led to consider the adoption option."

-The Scott Family

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