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The Parkers

The Parker Family received one of our summer adoption grants to help bring their little girl home from China! Their heart for adoption is powerful and contagious.

"Having children opened our eyes to the need of families to adopt orphans. Not long ago a local church had Voddie Bachman come speak on adoption. That message was really a turning point for me. He explained how we are adopted into God’s family when we accept him as our Lord and Savior. This picture of adoption has weighed on our hearts ever since. We were, at some point, all spiritual orphans. God gave us a place in His family. We want to mirror God’s example and adopt a little girl from China, and show her the love that God has shown us, and teach her that God loves her too. And because adoption is such a wonderful picture of the Gospel, we are hopeful that other's will see Jesus thru the adoption of Evangeline- whose name means 'bearer of good news'. We desire her life to bear the good news of Christ which is redemption. In spite of her circumstances, God chose her to be our daughter thru the miracle of adoption. In spite of our circumstances, God makes us His sons/daughters thru the miracle of adoption. We are so thankful that God has used the church to provide for that to which he has called our family. Because of others' financial support there is one less orphan in the world and we are eternally grateful."

- The Parkers

To follow along on their journey check out Brittany's blog

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