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The Martins

We love this sweet family and their endurance through the unexpected, Meet the Martins, our October adoption grant recipient!

"We were only married a couple of months before starting a family became our priority. We knew early on it wouldn’t come as easy for us like it does most. Adoption was a daily topic for us from the beginning and it became clear that it was God’s plan, too. It was scary and exciting all at the same time – and then after two months of becoming ‘active’ and viewing countless situations, we were matched! Matched with a little baby boy due in 6 months. Talk about excited!! We got ahead of ourselves and planned, bought, communicated with the Birthmother and expected a baby boy to be in our arms come April. Everyone expected this to be a sure thing, so we expected it as well.

First rule when adopting – expect the unexpected. Our hearts broke when the communication came to a complete stop. It wasn’t looking good. Finally, the phone rang. Our hearts sank as the words “She chose to parent” were spoken. No one expected that, not our consultant, not our social worker, not the agency and certainly not us. We truly understood though. How could we not? Shortly after we had another failed match, and multiple almost matches before we thought about giving up. Watching each other lose hope started to become too much. We thought maybe God was redirecting his plan for us. The idea of fostering/fostering to adopt became our new goal; He was opening our hearts to another scary, but exciting journey. We listened. We obeyed. Training was completed (this was where we met Misty and Sammy Holcomb) and we were one visit away from being licensed when our consultant called to ask us to present one more time. Although I could take the heartbreak if this situation took a different route, I wasn’t ready to watch my husband go through it one more time. I was hesitant, while MT was ready to jump head first and present, again. A few days later we were Matched, matched with a Birthmother we could only dream of. It didn’t feel real. Our nerves were taking over as we were on our way to meet our son and his first mommy. We instantly fell in love with him; he took to us so easily. His connection with MT was breathtaking. Everyone in the room felt it. We fell in love with our Birthmother and our relationship with her is beautiful.

Meeting Misty and Sammy through our journey was no accident. We shared a love for orphans and it was wonderful getting to know them. Receiving Heritage Hills Adoption Grant was very unexpected - all the glory goes to God. It’s amazing how He orchestrates every detail to work for our benefit even when we are sure that’s what was happening. We will forever stand in awe of how mighty our God is and how He made us a family of three. Thank you Heritage Hills for being a part of our story!"

- The Martins

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