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God has given us two hands, one to recieve with and the other to give with.

Billy Graham

No effort is too Small

Because of our committed fundraisers, sponsors, donors and prayer partners our ministry has been able to restore hope to orphans in Honduras by building a children's home. Because of your support we are able to give adoption grants to adoptive families in the United States. 


The need is great, but there is hope. How will you respond to the orphan crisis? By donating, you are joining the movement to care for orphans. 



Sponsoring a child changes a life. Their needs are met daily. Watch your child grow and know that your support is impacting their future. 


Join Heritage Hills on a short term mission trip to explore God's heart for orphans and the role that you can play to impact their lives. Learn how we can be a solution to the orphan crisis in Honduras. 

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