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Mission Trip Testimony - Katie Smith

“When I first felt the pull to go to Honduras, it was in the summer of 2015. I knew a group was going and I felt like I should go. As a single mother of three daughters, extra money isn’t easy to come by, so the dates came and I didn’t have the money to go. I knew when God wanted me there, he would make a way. I prayed for him to show me how I could make a difference for him here at home. Looking back now, I can see how he lined things up. The next trip came up and I laid it in God’s hands. I wrote my check for the down payment and I let Misty know I was going. Sure enough when money was needed, it was provided. A group, Swinging for David, contacted Misty and she mentioned that I may be in need of their grant for mission assistance. They approved me for $500! That was a huge blessing. Coworkers, family and friends contributed also. With God’s provision the trip was paid for. God will make a way when you think there is no way.

The county of Honduras and the people there are beautiful. I never felt unsafe or uneasy while we were there. More than anything I felt heartbroken for the people. The living conditions of many people are really bad. Most of the mothers there are single, which means their income is very little. The children we were able to work with were precious. One of the things that really stuck out to me, was the way they prayed. They weren’t afraid to raise their hands and pray to God. They were so passionate about talking to God. It was humbling to see people who weren’t afraid to talk to their Lord. I was more involved with building the home on this trip. We had a majority women team so there were more than enough helping with the bible school and women’s devotions. I had a hard time working with the children. I could see my daughters in their little faces and having never been away from them that long or that far away, hard labor was much easier for me. Honduras is special to me, I know that God is blessing the home that is being built and the family who will live there. The children who will come there to live and grow up, will grow up with God’s word taught to them. They will have a chance at life as an educated, productive citizen because of Heritage Hills.

The need in Honduras is great but our God is greater.

- Katie Smith

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