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“There’s nothing small about our stories. When we tell the truth about our lives - the broken & beautiful parts - then the gospel comes to life.”

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    I always knew I wanted to be a mom it was something I had always dreamed about. A nice husband with beautiful children but I never thought that it would be difficult to obtain. Sammy and I had been married a few years and decided we were ready to have children. Month after month it was not happening then a year went by and another year. I began to realize something was wrong, we went to the doctor and he looked at us and said “having children is going to be difficult.” I never once dreamed that would be our story.

    We were at an all-time low. I was the one with the medical condition that hindered us from conceiving. The hurt I felt at that time was unexplainable all I could do was mourn. I couldn’t mentally wrap my mind around the fact that I may not get to be a mother. We cried out to God asking him to bear the burden for us. If I’m being honest I was upset with God, I questioned what had I done to deserve this, why was this happening? All we could do was pray… Over those next few months God began to whisper to me adoption. I could barely say the word out loud. To me Adoption meant fear, uncertainty, what would people think. I pleaded with God saying no Father this is not what we had planned it’s not for us. I questioned could I truly love a child that was adopted. We continued to pray and struggle with the thought and finally began looking into the adoption process. Then you know what happened? I was pregnant, after three years of pain and struggles my joy had come. Doesn’t God have a way? I love the verse in Psalms 30 “weeping may remain for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Our rejoicing had come and we give God all the glory. We had our son in 2005 and our daughter in 2009. We went through the same struggles getting pregnant with our daughter as we did with our son. After our daughters birth, we knew God had placed adoption on our hearts years early and we decided the rest of our children would come through adoption.

    In 2010, we started the process to adopt and goodness was it difficult, more struggles, more pain, more battles. Some days I was ready to give up but we knew this was God’s plan for our family. Then on August 2, 2013, our son was born. The moment the nurse placed our tiny little boy in my arms the word adoption had a very different meaning than it did 11 years earlier. There was no fear, no uncertainty only love for my son. He was given to us just as our two biological children were given to us. There are days I have to even remind myself that I did not give birth to him.

    Through all this we learned that God’s plan for our life was far better than our own plan. He used the trials of infertility to press the seed of adoption upon our hearts. I look back now and know the pain we went through had purpose. Through this journey God opened our eyes to see orphans and once God opens your eyes you are never able to turn away and do nothing. He is still writing our story and we are thankful that he has allowed us to be a part of His ministry to serve orphans.

-Misty Holcomb, Co-founder

Through all this we learned that God’s plan for our life was far better than our own plan. He used the trials of infertility to press the seed of adoption upon our hearts.

Sammy and Misty Holcomb on the steps of Heritage Hills Home in Pena Blanca, Honduras. 


Holding children in the home

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