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to the world's orphans.


Because every child deserves a family. 

why orphan care?

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Serving orphans world-wide

Our goal is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans. 

providing adoption grants

By providing these grants we want to encourage adoptive families to continue moving forward. 

raising community awareness

We want to educate our communities about the world-wide orphan crisis. 

building children's homes

We have built a children's home in Honduras so that we can directly impact the lives of orphans. 


Adoption grants

We can’t be more excited for The Woertman Family, after a three-year adoption process, precious Jenifer is HOME! It’s been a long journey for this sweet family but their daughter is in their arms forever now. 


Heritage Hills built a house in Pena Blanca, Honduras. A place that is poverty stricken filled with children living on the streets. We wanted to create a home for orphans that provides love, safety and salvation through Jesus Christ. 


You can sponsor a child of your choice for $40/month. Through your sponsorship the child's needs will be met daily. You will also receive updates and pictures as your child grows. You can give an orphan the gift of love through sponsorship. 


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