The Speeg Family

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Meet the Speeg Family!

The Speeg Family looks to God as their hope to comfort them through the adoption process.
Carly opens up to us about their call to adopt:  When Hunter and I first started seriously dating, we discussed orphan care.  Because of the Gospel, we always knew that caring for the needs of orphans would be a mission for our family.  After we got married, we knew that we wanted to pursue this mission, but couldn’t figure out how that would look for us.  It wasn’t until two years ago, when we felt the weight of God’s call towards adoption.  Though unsurprising, this call was nerve-racking and intimidating.  Through a long series of events, God really made the process seem practical and very much doable.  He opened doors that were not only closed, but that we didn’t even know existed.  He has called us to love the country of Honduras and pursue an adoption through there.  Our process is long and tedious, but we are almost two years in, and still just as excited to welcome Baby Honduras into our family as we were in the beginning.  We look to the Gospel as our hope and cling to that for comfort through this hard process.  We have completed all of our paperwork, been approved, and now we wait.

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