The Lofton Family

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Meet the Lofton Family!

The Lofton Family is trusting God as they walk through the adoption process!
Seth shares a little of their journey: My wife, Kaylin and I (Seth), have been married for almost ten years.  Our adoption story began much longer ago.  Our adoption story began when I was around 6 or 7 and I found out that I was adopted.  Kaylin and I started talking about adopting one day before we were married.  Fast forward a few years and we were blessed with our now 7 year old daughter, Kenzie Kay.  My wife and I both desired to have more children, and we did everything in our power, and a couple doctor’s power (within reason), to make that happen.  Through years and tears of praying for God to bless us with another child, something amazing happened.  God used our struggle to change our prayer life from “Please give us another baby, please give us another baby” to “Lord, what do you have for us? What is your plan for our lives?” The Lord took care of each question and worry we had. He used many people to help lead us to where we are today. Patiently waiting to be matched with a child, or children, from the Philippines.

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