The DeGeorge Family

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Meet the DeGeorge Family!
Chris and Celeste have 3 children: Seth (9), Clarie (4) and Sara (3) and are in the process of bringing their “Brother” home from China!  They are so excited to soon be DeGeorge party of 6.
Celeste shares a” little” piece of their story:  Chris and I felt the call to adopt in 2003.  We have been able to see the Lords will being played out over the past several years.  So let’s fast-forward to 2017. We recently moved to Tupelo, MS.  Yes – new area, new house, new job, new friends, new school, new church…pretty much new everything.  And guess what the Lord pressed upon our hearts…. ADOPTION.   Really Lord– right now?   YES – He continued to say over and over again.  We would pray and seek the Word of God for direction and time after time His unfailing love would show us…Yes…RIGHT NOW.  Our family committed to prayer and sought where we should adopt from. Initially we thought we would pursue a domestic adoption.  After speaking with Social Workers it was determined this wasn’t the route for us.  Chris mentioned China and I immediately said NO! No way! That is just crazy.  All of my fears began to overcome me.  So once again we began to pray where Lord.  Everything pointed to China.  So we committed to adopt our son from China.  What amazes me and what is so encouraging to us is the Lord took our weakest areas and has refined us.  For Chris is was overcoming the cost of the adoption and trusting COMPLETELY for Him to see this through.  For me it was my fears of the unknown and the control I felt I had as a mother in taking care of my kids.  I assure you the Lord is freeing us of these and refining us each day.   Praise our Mighty God we serve!  When we are asked about our adoption we end up talking more about the ways the Lord is working in our hearts and growing in our faith and trust in Him each day more than we do bringing home our newest addition.  We can’t wait to share with you more of our story as it unfolds!!

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